Friday, March 26, 2010

Fish Pond Filter Media

What is the best media to used for fish pond filter?

thi guys is using all coral for filter chamber contains 40 kg coral and 12 kg ceramic rings all interspaced with synthetic fibre mats. 2nd chamber is 20 kg coral and 15-20 kg of ceramic rings and the synthetic fibre mats. 3rd chamber is 14 kg ceramic rings and 2 kg sintered glass and the usual synthetic fibre mats. There is a bottom flow outlet valve for each ...

another guy proposed as

1) Use either brushes or carlnet for the settlement chambers.

Carlnet is easier to clean than the brushes ( just by moving up and down and by spraying with pond water).

2) For the biological filter, use synthetic green matting that provide a big surface area for bacteria and will not affect the others properties of water such as pH,....

3) Use bioball for the wet & dry trickle filter

What is Carlnet? here..

I like this guy, very creative, using the black garden net..I got one, i will try to use this..

I use black garden netting, those hanging in the air to protect the plants from rain and sun. My friend next door use fishing net and he is happy too..

Actual use of the Bioball, read below, it make sense, not point to used it for submerge filter..from Eric

Bio-balls - Design mainly for dry & wet spraying system such that it has the ability to spread the water evenly around each ball ensuring full usage of filter space. Also very good Oxygen & CO 2, waste gas exchange rate when spray thru' the air.

* If use submerge - than no point.

I manage to bought a mat, they called it Japanese mat, very expenive, a size of like 1X1 feet, cost me RM 15..but very good, very long lasting as of it is hard not like the one i used before, the soft one which is used for aquirium..

read this write up about

it also mentioned on green water effect..solved by UV ligth..

New pond syndrome. If your pond is new or you just have a complete change of water, as the pond matures, under certain water conditions algae will bloom. In my case it has nothing to do with high nitrate or inefficient filtration. After I turned on the UV light for 4 days, water turned clear and I never have to use it again. The nitrate concentration in my pond at the moment is 25 mg/litre much higher compared to the time when I experienced algae bloom during new pond startu..

question, what brand of UV light and what type,I wanted the portable type hence I don need to do piping for th filter..

how t

how to test water..what brand of test to

water test kits immediately. Reliable brands include Sera, Azoo or Tetra

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