Thursday, June 18, 2009

Green Water

was away for a trip in penang and when back home my fish pond water become green like this..

when was in penang, ask one big fish shop in jalan burma, talking about using UV light, not cheap, these make in germany or europe, cost about 800, with warranty of one year, and these from china, no warrantly and about 200RM..but my fish pond not design for UV light, hence some piping need to be done at the 3rd chamber for the water to run thru the UV light before it go up the water fall...

now you see the clear water..don't even need the UV light, lucky did not get con by the fish shop guy..just need to make sure the water circulation is good then clear water should not be problem..i testes this by on the pump 24 hours and second test is off the pump at night..look like i need to on the pump 24 hours...will see the TNB bill soon..

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