Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hard Rock Hotel Penang

I thought there is only hard rock cafe, now they have hard rock hotel, may be later hard rock casino, hard rock mall and not carefull become hard cock motel..

book now open in Oct 2009..

if cannot wait, then go for hard cock hotel first..

vista physical address

physical to find it in vista..

Dell system update

STEP 3: Please update the BIOS settings by following the below link:

STEP 4: Please update the latest Notebook System Software by following the below link:

STEP 5: Please update the latest video driver by following the below link:

Dell close lid resolution problem dell forum


1. Either Run "taskschd.msc" or Start Search (above the Start button) for Task Scheduler.

2. Navigate to Task Scheduler|Task Scheduler Library|Microsoft|Windows|MobilePC

3. Right-click TMM and choose Disable

4. Exit back out of Task Scheduler

Dell Solution Network: Step-by-Step Troubleshooting Wizard

Journal ID:


Wizard ID:


Date Published:


Last Revised:


STEP: Record Important Information About the Displayed STOP Error

Subsymptom: Blue Screen Error [ Microsoft® Windows Vista® ]

Additional Information

When a STOP error appears, it displays information that can help troubleshoot the cause of the error (Figure 1).

Figure 1: STOP Blue Screen Error (Click the image to enlarge)

Record the following information from a STOP error:

  • The STOP code

  • The four sets of numbers in parentheses immediately following the STOP code

  • Any file names that may appear


The file name may not appear in all STOP errors. For more information on STOP errors, refer to Microsoft Developer Network resource Bug Check Codes.

Journal ID:


Wizard ID:


Date Published:


Last Revised:


Subsymptom: Blue Screen Error [ Microsoft® Windows Vista® ]

STEP: Does Windows Vista® Start Normally?

Additional Information

Start the computer and wait for the entire startup process to finish. If you see either the Windows Vista login screen (Figure 1) or the desktop (Figure 2), then Windows has started normally.

Figure 1: Windows Vista Login Screen

Figure 2: Windows Vista Desktop

Choose an option below:

Windows does not start in Normal Mode.

Windows starts in Normal Mode.

When searching for a STOP error in Google, the following method will maximize the search effectivness:

  • In the search field, type +Stop and then enter the first set of numbers in the stop error message. For example, if the stop code were 0x0000007b, the best search phrase would be as below: +Stop 0x0000007b

  • If any file names appear in the first three lines of the STOP error, add those to the search field.

  • If that does not return relevant results, progressively refine your search by adding the rest of the numbers from the STOP error code from left to right.

If you still do not get good results, start over from the top of this list, omitting +.

Stop Bluescreen Vista

how to prevent bluescreen from auto restart in vista dell inspiron 1420..



STOP: 0x00000050 (0CFBF04A04, 0X00000001, 0X929C3805, 0X00000000)

win3k.sys - Address 929C3805 base at 928F0000, Datastamp 47c78851

STOP: 0x0000008E (0XC0000005, 0X9416B76B, 0XBL8A6C30, 0X00000000)

win3k.sys - Address 9416B76B base at 940C0000, Datastamp 47c78851

In order to be able to trouble shoot the bluescreens that you've been getting we'll need the technical information from them. It usually shows as STOP: 0x000000?? with four parameters in parenthesis following it that look identical in form to the first one, being 0x and then 8 numbers & letters also known as hex characters.

If the bluescreen doesn't show up long enough to get any of the detailed information, follow these steps:

Click Start > Control Panel.

Click System and Maintainance.

Click on teh System link.

In the left frame click the Advanced System Settings link.

Hit Settings in the startup & recovery section.

Uncheck the box next to Automatically restart.

Hit ok then ok & close the system window.

Now, when the system bluescreens it shouldn't automatically restart and you can provide us with the required information.

remove the auto start...

STEP 1: Stop the Blue screen

a. Restart the system. Press <F8> button when Dell splash screen appear to enter Advanced Boot Options

b. Please used the <Down> arrow key to select for the option of <Disable automatic restart on the system failure>

STEP 2: Please run the Dell Diagnostic to check on the hardware. This test will generate an error if a hardware fault is found.

a. Insert Dell Resource CD (Dell Drivers and Utilities CD)

b. Restart system. Press <F12> immediately when Dell splash screen appears to enter into the Boot Menu.

c. Choose to boot with CD/DVD

d. Run the 32 Bit Diagnostics/ Diagnostic test.

e. Choose to run the Extended Test

f. If there is any error reported, please provide me with the complete error message and the category the error falls into.

websites I visited when I was in china manufacture

comedy court..some funny video..

everyday buy and sell

my rumah..some photo of the house renovation..

Clipsal GZ


跃指数: 1688

联系电话: 020-38200384

电子邮件: sxqsdq

地址: 黄埔大道西亿宝装饰材料城A10、11档

电话:86-020-86868686 传真:86-020-8686 8686






电话:020-8339 6890




电话: 86 20 85185188

地址: 广州市临江大道3号发展中心25楼

邮编: 510623

Outlook Mail file

where to find the outlook mail file?

go to option..look for Data files information and then go to explorer to find the file..

select the line and click on the Open Folder button, apparrently this folder cannot be seen from explorer directly, it actually can by maintaining certain setting..but for easy sake, just use this..also can get the files..

Family Camp

finally last minutes I am free next week plan to go to the family camp organised by calvary..hopefully can get the place last is at Swiss Garden Damai Laut Resort Lumut, quick far actually..let check out what they got..

How to go there..this is theoritical map..will see the actual how much different..

look at this, there is beach..

not fun package 3days..

this is the room rate for year 2009..

got some recreation program as well there such as paiting etc..of course need to pay..

Partition C

wanted to partition my C drive out, too big and currently put my working files, not safe..

read the MS online help, said can use Computer Management..but ask expert said cannot must be Partition Magic or other tool..

Computer Management online help..

Can I repartition my hard disk?

You must be logged on as an administrator to perform these steps.

Yes. It's possible in this version of Windows to repartition your hard disk by using the Shrink feature in Disk Management. You can shrink an existing partition or volume to create unallocated disk space, from which you can create a new partition or volume. (Often, the terms partition and volume are used interchangeably.)

  1. Click to open Computer Management.Administrator permission required If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

  2. In the Navigation pane, under Storage, click Disk Management.

  3. Right-click the volume you want to shrink, and then click Shrink Volume.

  4. Follow the instructions on your screen.

Partition magic

found this forum.. also recomend to use partition magic..another tool called Gparted..this guy not success on vista partition..

some sayd this work perfectly..let download and test it out..

here is the this before got some useful print screen..

below is my real test...

select the C drive and use Resize button

create partition for unallocated space - user ntfs for better recovery instead of FAT32

now can see the new partition..

press APPLY now

after restart there will be a partition in black screen running you can see the information it did the partition as you specific just now..

but I have a problem, while running I was out for lunch, when come back see the screen of repairing window..then after a while it said cannot report..and shut down..then i press the on button it starting...then come to some point it ask for restart ..then now it is ok..

the question is not sure why there is hicup of unable to restart automatically..

there is a recomendation by expert to do degra to make thing smoother..

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Compare Price

finally govement is doing something value added to can now compare price of the main hypermarket..see below the cheapest whole chicken is Mydin..

mouth ulcer

a friend recommend a mouth ulcer paste..called dexaltin oral..can get from phharmcist

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


one agent ask me wanted to do SAP in this place, search google earth cannot find, manage to find it in wiki, krakatao is the valcano, the main isladn is called Rakata..which can me find in google earth..

Oppp mistaken the project location is Cilegon..Banten province..

ip camera

looking around for ipcamera..3 brand..dlink, delkin or linksys..warranty, 1 years, life and 3 years..

DLink DSC 5610

DCS-950 at RM199.

Panasonic ones..wired and wireless one. something like RM350 for the wired and RM700 for the wireless

Alam Flora Recycle center

some times ago, read some where there is a recycle center by alam flora, where yo ucan bring you plastic thing there they will pay you for that..

KL recycle center..

here got another list, more center here..look like mid valley is the best, open every day..

Files Sharing

found this site which can share the ppt author stream..

this morning read the star in tech, filezila..can do FTP from home network pc..need to try this out..this name sound like morzila group..yet to know..

register at DynDNS ...create an account for frree..