Friday, February 20, 2009

Dell when start it blink two times

When started Dell, Vista home basic, it blick few times before settle down.

It was fix last time, but due to now I have restore back to factory image, the problem come back.

Remember it is to do with Task scheduler, seach my email, and got the below..

> STEP 1: Disable the startup
> a. Click on Start button
> b. In the Run column, Type in msconfig
> c. Click on Startup tab > Referring to the
Command title, look for the 
> below and untick it.
> C:\Windows\System32\igfxpers.exe
> C:\Windows\System32\ hkcmd.exe
> C:\Windows\System32\ igfxtray.exe
> d. Click on Apply > OK.
> STEP 2: Disable TMM (Microsoft Transient Multi-Monitor Manager)
> a. Click on Start button
> b. In the Run column, Type in taskschd.msc
> c. Double click on Task Scheduler (Local) > Double click on Task Scheduler 
> Library.
> d. Double click on Microsoft > Double click on Windows > Select
Mobile PC.
> e. On the center panel, select on “TMM” > Right click on it and select 
> disable.> f. Restart your computer.
Step 2 actually work and enter task in the start space.

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