Thursday, November 06, 2008

No Confident

Mohamad Asri selanjutnya merumus: “Adalah menjadi mimpi ngeri bagi orang Melayu sebagai tuan di bumi bertuah ini mendapat menteribesar yang bukan Melayu. 

apparently after years of helping, and it is obvious helping hand and spoon feed, look like this guy still very much with no self confident. Very scare of other people grap their rice bowl and seek protection. Easy eay out.

I think these kind of people will never progress.

I was shock that Indonesian work so late in office, almost every day I leave office 8 to 9pm, and normally they are still there after I left.

Apparently Indonesia is much different from Malay and if Indonesia is going towards this direction and improve on their corruption practice, soon they will ahead of Malaysia.

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