Thursday, November 20, 2008

I just know..

If you want to come out public and make some statement, please be prepare and do your home work thoroughly, don't give the bullshit answer like - I just know - unless you are God, who even know the number of hair of each person. 

A common sense tell me, that why this person come out in public to cover up DPM. I like the most is he is going to Oxford, UK, to do his PhD, and publish book. Is this the award he got after hep the big gun cover up thing?

Question still un-answer, where is the C4 come from, and if C4 is the country top danger weapon and can be make available at ease, without top gun approval, don't this seem to be dangerous, tat C4 could one day appear in anywhere and blow up some body??

Also a common sense tell, how can a normal police so free and go to get C4 to blow up someone, if in return they are not getting any reward?? Why they want to take this risk?

If the justice due-diligent has been done, then there is must be alot of loop hole in the justice, make the C4 person invisible.

Another X-Files.

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