Tuesday, September 09, 2008

LCD TV Comparison

Compare Samsung 32 and 46 " - LA46A650A1R Series 6 and LA32A650A1R Series 6

1. S-video - 46" don't have, may be S-Video is the past.

2. Headphone - 46" don't have, surpirse.

Enthernet port - once got this can directly connect the network cable and the TV can go internet. Samsung LN52A650 , offer this feature. But apparently cannot find this model in Malaysia. Not sure why? The one offer in samsung malaysia was LA52A650A1R, which did not support Enther port.

Samsung IPTV , apparently just arrive in Singapore and not yet in Malaysia. I think the key is the enthernet port, once got this, then can hook on the internet.

Samsung Series 7 LCD will support the internet connectivity. But when this series will be in KL?

updated 20081127

Compare Series 7 [ LA46A750R1R ] and 8 [ LA46A850S1R ]

. basically the are similar, just that series is slimer.

. input/output - for series 8, it only available at side not at back.

. slim - infact there is only 20mm slimmer for series 8. weight for slim model is 20 and for series 7 is 30kg.

Compare to Series 6, what series 6 don't have

. iDTV

.content library

.multi room viewing

.contrast is 70,000 for series 7 , series 6 is 50,000

.info live - connect to internet for news, weather etc

But Series 6 got

. energy saving (240W) for Series 6, series 7 and 8, not avaiable.

. down firing speaker did not mentioned available for series 7 and 8

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