Thursday, September 11, 2008

Law Got Eyes

I thought law suppose to have no eyes, it will not depend on status and skin color of the person. But apparent someone can determine if ISA can be impose on someone or not, read. So if you are someone with some status, but must be the ruling coalition party member, then you have a chance if ISA to be apply on you or not. But if you are just a normal person, even though you are pregnant, you still can be locked up for some 11 months, and have your baby delivery in the locked up.

Law is double standard here in this country.

If US can go for change. Even a black person can be a canditate for presidential, which is once upon a times their grandfather could be the slaves in the state. Chinese in this country? I don't their grandfather is a slave, but they fight together to get this land independent. But could ever Chinese become a candidate for Primse Minister? Unless there is a huge change in the political arena, otherwise it will take long time for this change to happen.

So vote for change for freedome and equalness. I wanted a change, but prefer the change to be decide by people, not by grapping MPs from other side of the house. I don't think this is democracy. If PR is serious about change, let work hard during this 4 years, then people will vote for you for change for better.

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