Monday, September 08, 2008

Baby Fan

Due to the ceiling is very low, basically if you stretch your hand up, there will be a bout one ft leave, hence need to find a ceiling with as short as possible neck.

There are basically 2 types of ceiling to narrow down the search, wich is Panasonic or KDK.

Found this KDK A11YS, look not bad, but not cheap. From ceiling to the lowest point of fan is about 261mm, less then one ft. Look good. The price is not cheap, RM 349.00. More expensive then the normal fan, which is about RM 265.00. I wondor why, smaller fan lesser materials, how come more expensive??

As for Panasonic found this, F-M14E8, from the top to the blade about 20cm.

But KDK design look better, now just need to find a place where can get it for cheaper price. Will need to check it out.


heachuen said...

Hi, I got mine A11YS at $335, you can try to call KDK dealer and negotiate. The price for contractor shoulb be around $315. Thanks and please take a photo of your ceiling fan to share with us later.

hero911 said...

Where to get it? What price you bought??