Monday, July 14, 2008

Ovarian Cyst Research

Here is a good definition for cyst as a sac of fluid filled. Specifically for ovarian cyst, it form in order to hold the egg and will disappear after release the egg. This is called functional cyst, as it was created with a function to hold the egg, release it and disappear.

Wiki define Ovarian Cyst as collection of fluid with thin wall within the ovary.

My wife actually have the symptoms of vomiting, gain weight and back pain. These symptom also written in Wiki.

Healthy lifestyle also mentioned the birth controlled pill can prevent the cyst formation, This also make sense as for functional cyst, as of if this pill is taken, then there will be no egg is form hence cyst will not be form.

Basically two type, either monitor via ultrasound screening, if the cyst remain big, then operation will be needed. Strangle, there is no remedies from medical point of point, except to do surgery to remove it. But there are so many commercial product which claim can help as below.

Birth Control Pill, can be used to prevent the egg formation hence can reduce the cyst formation.

Native Remedies recommend Dong Quai (Chinese herb) can help. This is typical Chinese herb which normally don' t have the medical proven fact to show. It always like old people said it work, then we need to follow.

Cellfood, another recommendation from a relative who took it and it help. This one, even after I read the web, still cannot under how this supplement work. It basically make use of oxygen, something like rejuvenate or anti-ageing supplement. Not very convince.

Wiki claim that 95% of cyst are not cancerous. In order to know if the cyst is cancerous, need to conduct a blood test for CA125. CA125 blood test also is a method to identify ovarian cyst cancer proposed by UK Cancer Research. But it is not a good test for ovarian cyst cancer. So what is the best can be done to confirm if one got the ovarian cancer? I would say a better way to proof if it is a cancer is doing Laparoscopy, where a specimen is take for analysis.

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