Monday, June 02, 2008

Land Transportation

Last two weeks travel from GZ to a small town in Zhong Shan called Siu Lan, basically try to buy the Clipsal switches for my new house. Until now I still impressed with GZ bus terminal as compare to KL Pudu. About a month ago, sending my mum back to Kedan via Pudu. As usual she don't want to buy the ticket in advance and always believe there are plenty of bus avaible for her to go back to Pendang. End up there were no buses available, at least from the big and reknown company such as Tran National, Sri Maju etc, then there is this guy shouted for ticket available immediately to Alor Star, then no choice have to grab. Cu the long story short, the bus ticket was sold at 130pm, and it was delay to 4pm, and worst is this a Bus Sekolah (orange color bus), WCY something cannot remember. I think most probaly is illiegal bus. Shits, if not because I have 2 kids with me and it is my mum, I would have report to police on this scam.

it has been almost 2o years I know Pudu bus terminal, and there are no significant improvement. Worst is I cannot beleive that GZ bus terminal is ten times better then Pudu. There never be scam, as of bus ticket is centrlised, there is no individual selling ticket. Polution management,at least for passenger is much better the Pudu, where you need to go down stair to take the bus. Basically it is full of CO2 at down stair as the bus keep the engine running. May be the gas still cheap, because these guy still can afford to keep the engine running all the time.

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Johnny Ong said...

pudu raya - its not getting anywhere at all after sooooo many years. corruption is part of the cause