Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Chinaman Mentality

Read an interesting scenario from Batu Gajah MP. It seem that this kind of scenario happen for the past 3o years at least (since I am kid) and it still happen today. It is much to do with Chinese people mentality, which always think that it is better to have less trouble then the few riggit gift. But I would say this should be the first generation Chinaman mentality like my father generation. Agree with Ric that people need to be educate on their right. I watch the HK channel, there are many short ads which educate people of their right or anything that they need to be watch out or becareful of. Such as one recently I watched, they wanted the HK sales person to improve the service quality, where when they sell their product, they should be explain more on the feature of the product. So they actually do the take 2, one with less info and another one with more info. Also they will get famous actor, Andy Lau to support the act. Have you ever seen this kind of ads in Malaysian TV? Not for me at least.

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