Monday, January 14, 2008

MSC Status

It has been 8 years in live in my current place, Taman Buikt Anggerik, Cheras, since day one we try to get the broadband, which is monopoly by TM, Streamyx, the excuse given was there is no connection point in the radius of 5km from my house, hence not possible to apply for Steamyx.

I live about 15 mins to KLCC, hence can consider in the city center, and govenrment is pushing hard for the ICT, MSC etc, but a house 15 mins drive from KLCC, waited for 8 years still cannot connect to internet speedy.

In China, which is much more later embark on internet, but the speed of development is much speedy then the Streamyx bandwidth. Only until recently Mas finally practice the ticketless system, which it has been long in China, I think Mas is force into this by local rival, the red dragon, Air Asia, which force Mas to cut cost.

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