Wednesday, July 18, 2007

MAS Overbook

Little princess manja....2007

Again!! I got one lsat year of one of my flyback to HK also on Sunday, it look like there is a trend to make this happen on Sunday outbound from KLIA. Have the similar feeling, why they did not call you up before you come to KLIA, which is about one hours by taxi, then at least you just change to next day fly. The reason given, they cannot do this, as of it will not be fare, it is first come first serve basis. So whoever turn up early will get the seat.

This is a bad part. Good part, I got to claim one night stay at KL Central new hotel, what is the name already - Meridian...of course MAS paid for a transportation back to KL and to KLIA again the next day and one free dinner at the hotel.

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