Friday, July 13, 2007

Annual Haze

Jan 2007 Beijing Forbiden City - this is a amzing place, this really give an impression of King Palace, the place is huge and of course China is a place of "people mountain people sea". Jan in Beijing is damn cold.

Amazing this kind of thing can be repeated every year and there is not much afford taken or better to be said there is no decisive action taken to solve it once and for all.

My whole family is not well. Girl is having cough, and it is bad during night time. I was slept with her in the guest room, until she was cough and womitted, the bed is dirty. Go back to the master bed room. Josh and Jon is fever, infact all 3 are having fever.

I think this planet earth is pretty or very sick now aday. Here in the city of twen tower there is this haze problem, back to Guangzhou, there is the air pollution due to the over heated booming development.

(This is the part which is missing after the line down and I was try to save and publish). Move the so called air filter, hope it work hard this time to clean up the shits in the air.

Amazingly, just now when in the plane before landing, can see clearly that there is a big problem of haze. I wonder why these people still cannot smell, see or feel that there air is already bad, and there is still some thick smoke floating to the already hazy sky due these irresponsible people who are doing their "work" of open fire burning around the KLIA green lung. Real Idiots.

F**K, stupid ISDN, cut off just like that, lucky this blogger is pertty smart, I don't need to re-enter all over again, it was automatically save as draft copy. I am really sick of this Vision 2020 and MSC stuff. Almost eight years I live in this area, which is 20 minutes to twin tower, once the world tallest building, if there is no jam of course, and I still cannot the broadband service which monoplised by this so called GLC.

Not again, the line is down again...I think I give up and better go back to a sleep in this hazy night.

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